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Thursday, September 7th

Opening Plenary Breakfast: A Celebration of Our Families

This year’s conference theme – A Family Reunion – will be the focus of the Opening Plenary Session as we both celebrate families and acknowledge the role that they play in healthy outcomes.  The session will feature a diverse group of families that will share their stories of the special people in their lives.  We will also hear from Dr. David Williams from Harvard University who will speak to us about his ground-breaking research on race and its impact on health. As a longtime friend to NMAC and 3 time attendee to USCA, we are excited to see what David will bring to his first USCA plenary speech.

Entertainment: Frenchie Davis, American Idol Alum and Broadway Veteran

*continental breakfast will be provided

Thursday, September 7th

Plenary Session Luncheon: How We're Acting to End AIDS in the U.S.

We are coming together, in all our diversities, because we believe an end to the AIDS epidemic in the United States is within our reach. In order to make this vision a reality for everyone, it’s crucial that we share our resources, experiences, challenges, and best practices with each other. This plenary will offer an overview of the growing movement of U.S. jurisdictions that have committed to and formulated plans for ending their respective AIDS epidemics, with an eye toward building on that momentum by inspiring other jurisdictions to follow with ending-the-epidemic plans of their own.


*lunch will be provided

Friday, September 8th

Plenary Luncheon - REIMAGINE: Reset. Refuel. Retool. (sponsored by Gilead)

Reset. The HIV community has been on a 35+ year journey of transformation and development. Regardless of the challenges, the community has consistently demonstrated a collective capacity to engineer change from science to policy to practice.

Refuel. Sustaining the movement to end HIV requires staying focused in a fast-moving, often distracting, environment. As in the past, the HIV community will adapt, innovate and regenerate.

Retool. Please join us to reflect on the state of HIV, explore what’s needed and celebrate the experience, creativity and regenerative spirit of the HIV community.

Together we can help stop the virus.

*lunch will be provided

Saturday, September 9th

Plenary Session: Federal Perspectives on Research, Prevention, and Treatment

Join us as we hear from our federal family leaders that have worked tirelessly to address HIV. Dr. Fauci will update us on the current work to end the epidemic and help us understand the latest scientific advances and what that means to leaders working on the frontlines. Dr. Mermin, another long-term friend of the community and a leader in the battle to end HIV, will speak to us about the Future of HIV Prevention as well as the strategies meant to end the epidemic. Dr. Cheever will speak about the future and importance of the Ryan White Care Act.

Entertainment: Billy Gilman, Singer and Contestant on The Voice

*food will NOT be provided

Sunday, September 10th

Closing Plenary Session: The Power of Women and the Future of Leadership for Women of Color

Join us for this powerful closing plenary as we celebrate the leadership of women of color. Invited speakers will address the importance of women’s leadership at all levels – in community organizing, on planning bodies and in health care.  The panelists will also discuss the importance of developing and fostering new leaders.

*continental breakfast will be provided

NMAC (formerly known as the National Minority AIDS Council) is a 501(c)3 organization. NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity and racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. For more information, contact:

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